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Why are diamonds forever? Diamond is a mineral of great hardness and refractive power, consisting of carbon crystallized in the isometric system under great pressure and temperature. Diamonds are crystals made up almost entirely of carbon; combination of chemical composition and crystal structure is what makes diamonds what they are. It produces the optical and physical properties that make diamonds so precious, beautiful, and valuable.

The first diamonds were found thousands of years ago in the sand and gravel deposits of streambeds. Part of the mystique deals with the hardness of diamonds, still the hardest known substance, natural or artificial. People believe that diamonds include spiritual and physical qualities such as power, strength, and love, which people hoped to obtain by wearing diamonds. Every culture that knew the diamond added it's own legends and lore. People buy diamonds to mark important events in their lives engagements, marriages, births, and achievements or to show how much they love someone. When you look at a diamond, you are looking at the wonder of nature. The people, places, and events -- in a sense the heart of our collective life -- seem to emanate from within this special gem. The Diamond Quality Chart is a framework to help you compare diamonds. That's why diamonds are forever.

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